Site Rules


Yes, boring but we have to have these for everyone’s benefit, let’s face it they are all common sense, so in no particular order here we go.

1.       Noise, having fun is expected but do respect our other visitors. We ask you to start quietening down at 10pm and be completely quiet by 11pm. Mornings, well everyone’s on holiday so let’s keep it down until 8am please?

2.       Dogs, ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES, it’s not rocket science folks and a suitable length lead, i.e. contained on your pitch so not to intrude onto your neighbours or road ways.

3.       Dog exercising is off site, left or right out of the entrance ask on arrival, dogs however don’t always understand so please clean up after those little mishaps putting waste in the general waste bin and securely tied please. Boys, and the odd girl, please mind where you wee, other people’s tents, awnings, cars etc. are not nice places!

4.       No dogs in the children’s play area AT ALL.

5.       Children, Parents/guardians YOUR children are YOUR responsibility, please keep noise down and don’t play around other people’s pitches, can’t believe we have to say this!

6.       Children part two, there is a play area so use it there are no ball etc. games anywhere else on site and all balls etc. to be carried to and from the play area. No kite flying, obvious, there is a nice big park three minutes walk away.

7.       We would request children under eight are supervised using the toilet block please, unravelling toilet rolls and filling the loo may seem fun but costs money and we have the joy of unblocking!

8.       NO FIRES AT ALL, barbeques are OK but must be under control and supervised at all times and at least 18” (1.5 foot/44.5 cm) off the ground. Barbeques to be used for cooking only.

9.       NO external gas bottles, all bottles to be contained within the unit the ONLY exception is suitable bottles for barbeques and proprietary outdoor cooking units.

10.   Commercial vehicles are at our discretion, please discuss when booking to avoid refusal on arrival.

11.   Vehicles, we would encourage one vehicle per pitch please as we are a small site although two are often possible. We may ask you to park extras outside the site when necessary. Please avoid vehicle movements after 11pm and before 7am and no unnecessary vehicle noise please, ie turn the radio off etc. before starting?

12.   Five Roads Caravan Park reserves the right to refuse admission to site or require immediate departure from site without notice or reason whether booked or not.

13. Deposits or advance full payments when taken are non refundable. These payments are only taken where we have experienced high volumes of no shows in the past resulting in lost revenue.

We dislike ‘policing’ camp sites and shouldn’t need to if we all respect the site, the site staff, ourselves and each other.